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DyeHaus at Horizon Festival

You may remember this Instagram post from August last year.

Click on the image and see what happened to it!

This piece of Cochineal dyed fabric with an Itajime shibori decoration was my contribution to an installation called “Standing Here” (aptly named) at the HORIZON FESTIVAL at the Sunshine Coast 2017.

The exhibit turned out very well and apparently was received with enthusiasm as was the whole festival.

There is something meditative about the fluttering flags, like prayer flags blessing all those walking beneath. The wind seems to bring promise of things to come.

Anne Harris, who organised the installation, has a studio called, she runs workshops as well and focuses on Natural Dyes. She also publishes a Workroom Journal and a blog.

Jenai Hooke, co-organiser, specialises on Natural Indigo and also runs classes, her studio is called Alchemist Inside.

Both belong to a very active FB group that focuses on dyeing called SCINDIG.

Credits for the movie and photography go to Earth Base Media and Callum Matthews

This must have been a phenomenal amount of work so thanks to both of you!

I also post an absolute favourite from the Oaxaca Shibori Symposium 2016. What a lovely connection across the globe!

Bandhani flags in Oaxaca

Press the image to watch the flags fly

Note to self:

Always brand your work!

So long

B xx

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