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Fibre  Reactive  Dyeing

In this workshop you will be practising painterly watercolour effects which are very on trend as well as Tray-Parfait, and Ice dyeing which give wonderful surprises and are particularly suitable for dyeing meterage.

Not to forget the vibrant Orizomegami, a version of the Japanese folding techniques we are so familiar with from Indigo dyeing.


Fibre reactive dyes, though synthetic, have a very low impact since the low immersion technique DyeHaus uses, requires very little dye and water. The dye powders don't contain heavy metals or other toxic contaminants. No metal salts are required as in natural Dyeing nor addtitional heat fixing.

There is great scope for working with these popular dyes which are known for their enormous range of bright hues and colourfastness.


There will be comprehensive handouts as well as detailed explanations on technical aspects.


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