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Ikat in Ubud part 1


When in Ubud Threads of Life is a mandatory stop for any dyer or textile enthusiast. It is an organisation that supports artisans all over Indonesia to prevent their skills dying out. Their work is sold through this shop and is of museum quality. The educational videos and displays are very clear and informative I will share the dye colours and their origins as well as the ikat process with you.

In the gallery below you will find yellow which is derived from Jackfruit heartwood and Mango bark, the black is achieved by dyeing in tannin rich Harrisonia brownii and afterwards in mud containing iron. Grey comes from Indigo overdyed with tannin from Woodfordia floribunda, the red is achieved with Morinda citrifolia and Symplocos as a co-mordant in a lengthy process explained below. The Indigo is the Strobilanthes hirsute. And Symplocos is the alumnium rich mordant that is used on Bali and I am keen to investigate further.

Please enlarge first image, you will then be able to scroll through in a gallery and able to read the explanations easily.


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