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Boro Museum part 3

Please take the trouble to read this introductory panel to the collection of household articles within the Amuse Boro museum. It highlights how difficult it is to access these items and how serendipitous.

It brought tears to my eyes.

You have to look closely to appreciate these boots of ingenuity. They are made of seal fur as well as salmon skin, fins in place to prevent slipping !!!

Unfortunately this is a bad image, however it will give you the idea of the shape of a large Indigo dyed carry bag. it is cut on the bias for extra stretch. Read below for further info.

Fascinating, isn't it?

Detail of a fireman's jacket that is beautifully decorated on the inside, made of fire-retardant canvas.

Farmer's jacket, Sashiko work clothing

Quilting 2 or 3 pieces of cotton clothes onto hemp made clothing, people embroidered unique designs onto the sleeves, hems and backs making god use of the original cotton patterns.

Some parts call it Sakiori, for they once made their work clothing using the thread gained by tearing Saki their old clothes.

Intricate embroidery, again to give more substance to fabric as well as decorate.

Fine embroidery detail. How to find the time in the hard life?

Details of indigo, hand-dyed born fabric.

Good-bye from the Boro museum, I hope you enjoyed the tour.

You may just be inspired to start a scrap quilt, jacket or kimono or the like from all your favourite garments you can't separate from but are too tatty to wear anymore. What an exciting project!

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