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Boro Museum part 2

In BORO nothing goes to waste, everything is recycled and comes to life again yet with so much history attached, layer upon layer.

A shirt like this bears silent witness of events of an era, families, stories, tragedies and happiness. All being told in a garment.

see below for explanation

see sample above

This is an infant's outfit. Note the kumo shibori. This was for a child that was pottie trained and for its convenience the top of the trousers remained unstitched between the legs.

Another child's garment.

Stitching did not only have an ornamental function. Here a light cotton fabric is made quite heavy

and a lot warmer with dense stitching.

There were means other than patching to what we would now call re-purpose .

A kimono with sleeves removed and a decorative bias added to make it a house coat.What a loving detail.

Colour blocking.

Nappy (I think), long and narrow rags.

End of Part 2

to be continued with interesting exhibits of household articles and textiles in the same museum.

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