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Nice surprise in shibori

Why I have decided to start a blog and what you can expect.

I just updated my bio and I was surprised when writing everything down, how filled and busy 2015 has been. It was a whirlwind of learning, travel and workshops and '16 is going to be a year of digesting it all and trying all the wonderful techniques I have come across.

I suspect it will take me more than one year of doing so.

Part of this process will be to re-organise my notes, photos and precious movie clips and put them into blogposts for you to be able to share my travels vicariously.

I am planning on the following topics

Japan - Arimatsu Shibori Festival

France - Michel Garcia mordant printing

Java - Batik

China - Murase Advanced Shibori techniques

Future travels can be found here as well. Look out for

Unfinished business - returning to Japan

Exploits in the studio, new techniques and dye outcomes also will be featured here.

Workshops conducted in the city and in the Blue Mountains will be covered on the BLOG well.

I am planning on featuring super talented workshop participants and shining the SPOTLIGHT on them.

Instagram @dyehaus will be used as a visual business card from now on. All matters farm and pets will move to @bettina_ludowici.

I am looking forward hearing from you (it can get lonely in the studio)

Keep dyeing and take care


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