DYESCAPES is showing at the Barometer Gallery in Paddington

17 to 22 November 2020 from 10-5.

The DYEHAUS Studio exhibition showcases the vast potential of natural plant material occurring in the Blue Mountains, which are expertly used to create a range of textiles and artworks.

The works on cloth, paper and canvas reveal the elemental energy and broad range of patterns that can be achieved through dyeing and painting with 100% natural plant materials which are controlled through a range of specialised natural dye, ink and pigment -making techniques.

These offer a unique perspective into the Australian landscape; the rocky terrain, the primordial colours and majestic rock formations.

Some modern interpretations in acrylic will surprise.

The body of work is testament to the power and beauty of the natural world in its most organic form, at a time we need to be reminded of it.

I hope you can come and see it!

COVID permitting, there will be a small vernissage on Friday 20 November from 6-8.

Please check here or Instagram and Facebook for further updates.

Image by Sarah Hyde Photography